Elf subraces

Elves are typically divided into three subraces, high elves, common elves, and drow. But in actuality, there are several layers of division: High Elves, who live in island castles far from the coasts and rarely interact with other species. Noble Elves, who typically make up the ruling class of common elf nations, Common Elves, who are a mixture of elves, half-elves, and those of other subraces who are no longer in the related social class, such as surface drow, Heklasdrow, on which there is a separate page, and lastly, Elveste. Also known as “Masked Elves” Elveste live in huge flotillas of airships which traverse the land, searching for some unknown artifact.


Rolen and ben’s characters are High Elves genetically, but common elves legally and culturally.

Vann is a common elf by birth, the son of a Half Elf and a disgraced Noble Elf

Null is an Elveste by birth, but because he has been encouraged to join your party, he is now a Common Elf legally..

Elf subraces

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