War for the Sword Coasts

Path to the Republic
Fury Road

After finding the dead elven warrior, the party decides to spend the night at Carp’s old house, and wake early the next morning to find the body has reanimated, and is trying to kill them. Carp gets a critical hit(yay!) and the zombie is killed. They travel to Cragmaw Castle, and along the way find the crashed ruins of a elven dropship. They find more elven zombies and meet Iarno Albrek(Glassstaff) and Null, an elven soldier with a broken leg. The party lets Iarno go and decides to help Null. They travel to Cragmaw Castle, finding that the people somehow managed to clear the castle. They meet with Vann and Sildar, and decide to travel north to the Dwarven Republic, through the Plateau Pass. They drop Null off at Nadius Tower, where he would meet a contact. They find the contact had drunk himself to death several weeks prior. They convince Null to come with them, before heading to Dwalin, capitol of the Longhill region. They pass through the town without incident, and reach the border of the Dwarven Republic.

Phandalin Burns

After finding and apprehending the wizard Glass staff, The party returns to Phandalin to find it has been occupied by the Drakenkias. Their general greets their prince, and shows him the execution of the locals. Rolen and Thorin manage to prevent the death of most of the villagers, as Zagorak says they are valuable in information, and labor. Ronin and the others take the villagers to the holdout of the elven adventurer Venn, while Zagorak stays to deal with his people. Venn has set up a safe haven away from the Dragonborn, and he welcomes the adventurers. Zagorak learns that, according to the Seer of the army, Elves are expected to make landfall the next day. the Drakenkias forces abandon the town, and Zagorak heads to Venn’s hideout. He tells them to scout out Thundertree, for a way to evacuate the people of Phandalin. They find a dragon, and decide the area is too dangerous to move the people. They tell the refugees to take Cragmaw Castle, as they lead the elven forces towards the dragon. along the way, they pick up Carp, a young halfling, as an apprentice. When they see the elven ship approach, they abandon the dragon plan and simply run.

The Story So Far

A party of adventurers has been hired by a dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker. His intentions were secretive, and he went ahead with a guard named Sildar Hallwinter. The party found the wreckage of their cart, along with some goblins. including the legendary Twitch, who led them to their hideout. The party murderlized the hideout, and freed Sildar. the leader of the goblins, Klarg, is believed to have escaped. They traveled to Phandalin, where they went on various sidequests, involving two visits to the Banshee Agatha. Phann managed to seduce the banshee, and then passed out. Zagorak and Ronin(That’s what I’m calling alden’s character) roused the townsfolk into a riot, charging after the group which terrorized their town, the Redbrands: They also burned down a good third of Phandalin in the process but hey, ah well. They are now within the Redbrand’s base in the old Manor.

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